Some of our favourite decking projects from 2017.

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Decking over a tired looking concrete garden in Brislington. Also an extension to an existing patio to bring in line with new deck

One of the more unusual shaped decks we have built

Stepped decking

What was the project?

The side area of this garden was looking a tired and run down. It was a mixture of broken concrete, broken slabs and gravel.

A lovely home made pizza oven had to be kept, but there was no way it could be moved. The decking was designed to fit around the feature and the existing border. This also created a line that draws the eye down the garden.

As much of the garden is in the shade the customer wanted another raised decking area adjacent to the lawn. Making it big enough to fit table and chairs meant it would come out past an already paved area.

Luckily there was some matching paving about to be buried by the new deck. We took it up and extended the patio area tying the whole garden together.


Project time frame

2 days

Guide price

This project cost in range of £1300 to £1700

Decking with pizza oven

Full garden transformation for new build property

From weedy mud patch to functional garden

decking with garden furniture
Decking complete and ready to turf

What was the project?


The garden in this new build property had not been touched since construction. Basically compacted soil and weeds with a shed right in the middle.

The decking was built right outside the double doors and at indoor ground level. Creating an outdoor extension to the living room.

A new base was constructed for the shed in the corner out of the way. A gravel path laid linking the back gate, new decking and the shed.

To add some shape to a very linear garden the turfed area was curved lining the edge of the decking to the relocated shed.

Project time frame

4 days

Guide price

This project cost in range of £2000 – £2500

Decking under construction
Decking turfing and graveling

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Replacing a very rotten old deck in Bedminster

This rented property needed a low maintenance garden so was decked across the whole area.

Completed decking with step
Rotten decking beams sitting directly on soil

What was the project?


The old fence at this property was on its last legs, just about held up by the shrubs and trees around it.

We pulled out all of the old panels and posts (you’ll be surprised how hard it can be to get out a rotten post sometimes)

It was quite a challenge working around the mature fruit trees and shrubs in the customers garden. Not only that, but the dense hedge on the other side.

We fitted new 8ft concrete posts and gravel boards. The panels we fitted come with a 10 year guarantee from the manufacturer. Even after this the joy of well fitted concrete posts is that when the panels do eventually reach the end of their life. Slide out the old ones and straight in with new.

Project time frame

1.5 days

Guide price

This project cost in range of £1000 – £1500

Collapsed decking
Completed decking in Bristol

Decking replacement in Clevedon, another unusual shaped one.

Floor sloping in both directions in an alley that tapered inwards, no two pieces of timber were the same.

Complex deck step construction

What was the project?

To replace some old panels and rotten timber fence posts. Simple replacement job back in with concrete posts, and overlap panels.

Then it got complicated.

Having removed the old fence we started digging the holes for the new posts. A few holes down we dropped in the posts. Quickly realising there was no way we could match the existing fence line that continued down the garden. Turned out the old fence was about a foot into the customers property and the neighbour had laid a concrete slab the other side.

The job was abandoned for the day while the customer and neighbour discussed the way forward.

Two days later we were back and cutting the concrete slab back to the correct boundary. Correct boundary reinstated and a perfectly straight fence fitted. Nothing that annoys me more than a wobbly fence line.

Project time frame

1 day that turned into 2 and bit

Guide price

This project cost in range of £700 to £1000

Decking under construction prior to boards going down
Decking step building

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Featheredge fence and trellis in St George

This very unusual shaped garden led to some interesting fence angles.

Fence trellis and small sleeper border
Old fence in process of being removed

What was the project?

Fit a new 6ft featheredge fence with trellis at one end. This project had a few challenges, the very unusually shaped garden and a buried wall.

This garden had been squeezed in between existing houses. The “side” we fenced actually had 6 sides. To fit the fence and still make it look good required lots of unusual angled mitre cuts, and far more posts than a fence of this length would usually have.

When we started digging the holes for the posts we found there used to be a wall along the fence line. For every post we had to get through 2 layers of bricks, a concrete foundation and hardcore. The project still came in on time and on budget.


Project time frame

2 days

Guide price

This project cost in range of £1500 to £1800

Featheredge fence with unusual angles
Completed fence

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